Bridge Import Group, Inc. is a family company dedicated to bringing dynamic solutions for the protection of cargo shipped in intermodal containers. Bridge has over 10 years of experience protecting shipments of many different types of cargo.

We’ll work with you to make sure your shipment arrives at its destination in excellent condition.

Bridge is the exclusive distributor of Nordic Dry Desiccants for Canada, the U.S. , Latin America and West Africa.

Nordic Dry aggressively absorbs moisture ensuring cargo reaches its final destination without harmful moisture damage.

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Bridge Import Group also offers 20’/40′ container liners. Our polypropylene liners provide an extra level of protection for container shipments of bulk agricultural commodities, feeds, chemicals and granular cargoes.

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We also offer the BIG Blanket, which protects your cargo against container rain. The BIG Blanket hangs between the ceiling and the cargo forming an impenetrable barrier. As Container Rain falls, the BIG Blanket absorbs and retains droplets in its gel polymer cells.

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At Bridge Import Group, we take a hands-on approach to cargo protection. We routinely attend container loadings and unloadings to make sure our customers needs are being met. It’s important to us that our high quality products are also user friendly and easy to install. We take great pride in being an active participant in your business.


Bridge Import Group has strategic partnerships with manufacturers around the world. This allows us to develop a cargo protection solution to meet your specific needs. If you require a custom product for intermodal containers, or are experiencing costly damage to your shipments, Bridge Import Group can help. Please Contact Us here: